Anti-Ai Policy

At Runfitjourney, we believe that written content generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) is less imaginative, less individualized, and less beneficial for our audience. Many brands and websites use AI to generate content by extracting material from existing websites and rephrasing it to circumvent copyright laws, which appropriates the efforts of real people in the field who conducted the research without due recognition.

Our blog is about marathons, half marathons, and running. As a community that values personal connections, we make it a point to produce close, human, and authentic content. We collaborate with creative minds and industry experts such as runners and coaches and incorporate feedback from our readers to create top-notch content that showcases personal experiences, expert opinions, and relevant information.

AI cannot offer insights into the quality of a product, provide firsthand experiences from testing, share opinions on the latest developments, or conduct interviews with prominent figures in the industry for in-depth feature articles. That’s why we always go the extra mile to produce the best content out there.

At Runfitjourney, we don’t use AI for content creation, research, or fact verification. We stand as an independent publication staunchly committed to championing creativity within the running community, rather than replacing it with AI. Our standard is to produce the best content out there, and we achieve this by personally conducting research, engaging with industry insiders for unique narratives, and impartially testing products.

We update each article regularly to ensure that it remains relevant, helpful, and timely. Our blog is a reflection of our passion for running and our commitment to connecting with others who share the same passion. We believe that sport connects us and that personal connections are essential to our community. At Runfitjourney, we aim to exude a personal, approachable, and natural touch in all our content.

Runfitjourney – sport that connects!