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Sport that connects 21.10.2023

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Hi, i am Sebastian. Let me tell you 5 Facts about me:

  • Most of the time my interest was in strength training. I then increasingly discovered my passion for running.
  • I research and create the articles on our website. This means I learn something new every day.
  • I love running because here you are clearer in your head than anywhere else. The perfect me time.
  • I’ve had SEO experience since September 2023. I really enjoy the topic and I’m continuously working on getting better every day.
  • Motto: If you really want something then you can do it. Everything in life is decided in your head.

Hi, i am Dennis. Let me tell you 5 Facts about me:

  • I actively play soccer and enjoy running.
  • I trained for my first marathon.
  • I am passionate about cycling.
  • I manage the social media channels for runfitjourney.
  • Motto: If you stop now, you’ll have to start all over again someday!
Dennis Heinrich after Mallorca Marathon 10.2023 Bild1

It all started with NicheLink, a company that accompanies you on your way to your niche website

Dennis and Sebastian quickly got together and it was clear that the topic should be marathons. Because they are both hobby runners and always want more, the whole thing is not just a niche website for them but a matter of the heart.

They look forward to everyone joining us and becoming a part of the Runfitjourney!

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Our values

These guiding principles provide direction for our identity, work ethic, and future goals. They act as a compass that helps us stay on course and focused as we continue to grow and improve.

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