5 Best Apple Watch Ultra Case 2024 for Ultimate Protection!

As a runner, I absolutely understand how crucial it is to keep my Apple Watch Ultra protected during those intense runs and unexpected trail adventures. That’s why I’ve scoured Amazon for the best Apple Watch ultra cases. Eager to keep your device safe and secure without sacrificing functionality? My handpicked selection promises to offer the best protection for your running companion!

Best Apple Watch Ultra Cases for Runners

1. Hard PC Apple Watch Ultra Case

500+ bought in past month
Hard PC Apple Watch Ultra Case


  • ✅ Excellent screen protection
  • ✅ Form-fitting design
  • ✅ Coming in a 2-pack


  • ❌ It's not designed for swimming or intense sweat sessions, so moisture might get trapped.
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05/19/2024 03:46 am GMT

I recently snapped the Misxi case onto my Apple Watch Ultra before heading out for my morning jog, and I’ve got to say, I’m thoroughly impressed. The tempered glass screen protector is a lifesaver – it’s survived a couple of accidental brushes against the wall with no scratches, and the display clarity is still top-notch. Handling my watch, I noticed no extra heft; it’s as if the case merges seamlessly with the design. And touching the screen? No lag whatsoever – it feels like there’s nothing there.

Despite a vigorous run, my case held up beautifully. But as an avid swimmer, I do wish it were more suitable for water-based workouts. That said, for dry land activities, it’s a champ. I’ve bumped my wrist a few times on gym equipment – no damage to my watch, thanks to the case’s robust build. Plus, having two in a pack? It’s a comfort knowing I have a spare.

For fellow runners eyeing reliability and style, this Misxi case checks most boxes. It’s lightweight, doesn’t take away from my watch’s aesthetics, and installation is a breeze. Just a quick slide in and I’m ready to go. While it’s not the perfect companion for all workout scenarios, the level of protection it gives on a daily jog is more than enough to keep me and my Apple Watch Ultra running without a worry.

2. Military Case Screen Protector

3K+ bought in past month
Military Case Screen Protector


  • ✅ Exceptional all-around protection
  • ✅ Lightweight build
  • ✅ Offers a snug fit


  • ❌ Limited customization options for runners who like to frequently change styles
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/19/2024 01:45 am GMT

Its stout protective barrier around the screen eased my fears of accidental bumps during my trail runs. Even during my sweatier sessions, the TPU band stayed comfortable, never pulling on my skin or feeling cumbersome on my wrist.

Functionality didn’t take a backseat either. The precise cutouts meant I could twist the crown and tap the screen without any fumbling. Adjusting settings mid-stride was a breeze, and I felt relieved knowing that if I took a tumble, my watch was well-guarded. The metallic patch added a subtle flair, integrating durability with style.

However, if you’re someone who likes to keep things sleek, this might not be your first choice. But for practicality during a run? It checks all the boxes, making the trade-off worthwhile for me.

3. Aluminum Apple Watch Ultra Case

200+ bought in past month
Aluminum Apple Watch Ultra Case


  • ✅ Enhances the Apple Watch's luxe feel
  • ✅ Absorbs shocks well
  • ✅ Easy to swap bands


  • ❌ A bit tricky to install on first try
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/19/2024 01:45 am GMT

The titanium finish mirrors the watch perfectly, giving it that seamless, high-end look. I’ve got to admit, the watch feels more secure on my wrist now; I didn’t once worry about any accidental bumps or scratches along the trail.

The ease with which I could flick the band lock and switch out my sport band for a leather one post-run impressed me — no need to fiddle around with taking the case off. That’s a real time-saver when I’m rushing to clean up post workouts. It’s evident they thought about us runners who like a quick transition from trail to a more formal setting.

I found the installation a bit fiddly at first, but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier. The added heft can make the watch feel more substantial, which tells me there’s real protection going on there. While I wished for a broader color spectrum to choose from, the titanium does have a certain universal appeal.

4. Apple Watch Ultra Case 6 Pack

500+ bought in past month
Apple Watch Ultra Case 6 Pack


  • ✅ Effectively shields against scratches and bumps
  • ✅ Maintains screen sensitivity for easy app navigation
  • ✅ Straightforward installation and removal process


  • ❌ Vulnerable to water intrusion under the screen protector
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/19/2024 01:45 am GMT

Ever since I snapped this case onto my Apple Watch Ultra, I’ve felt much more confident during my runs. The protective qualities of this accessory are evident, as it has prevented damage on several occasions when I’ve brushed up against rough surfaces. The tempered glass keeps the display crisp and clear, while preserving the touch sensitivity, so I can check my stats without missing a beat.

Installation is a breeze—it clicks on in seconds, a no-fuss affair that saves time when I’m eager to get moving. As someone who dislikes cumbersome accessories, I appreciate the minimalist design that does not add bulk to the watch.

However, it’s worth noting that although the case stands up well to the rigors of running, water can find its way underneath the screen cover during a sweaty run or in rainy conditions, which momentarily hinders touch functionality. And while scratches on your watch are avoided, the screen protector itself isn’t immune to wear and tear.

5. Military Grade Durable Protective Cover

500+ bought in past month
Military Grade Durable Protective Cover


  • ✅ Sturdy build enhances durability.
  • ✅ Screen protector inclusion adds value.
  • ✅ Variety in colors caters to personal taste.


  • ❌ Style may not appeal to everyone.
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05/19/2024 01:11 am GMT

I was initially impressed by how secure my Apple Watch Ultra felt inside this rugged case. As someone who’s all too familiar with the occasional scrape against a tree branch or two, the added protection gave me peace of mind.

During my run, I noticed the case didn’t add unwanted weight, which is a big plus for any runner who likes to stay light on their feet. The screen clarity remained impeccable, thanks to the included tempered glass protector that was a cinch to apply.

Runners with slender wrists might also find the case’s robust size a bit overbearing – it’s definitely built for utility over sleekness. Lastly, while I dig the military-grade vibe, it’s not for everyone’s wardrobe.

Buying Guide

🏃‍♂️ Why I Need a Case

I love taking my Apple Watch Ultra on runs, and I’ve found that the right case is essential to protect my watch from the elements and impacts. When hunting for the best Apple Watch ultra case, I look for durability and comfort, ensuring it doesn’t hinder my performance.

🛡️ Key Features to Look For

I always prioritize these features when choosing the best Apple Watch ultra case:

  • Material: The case should be made from shock-absorbent materials, like silicone or TPU, to absorb any shocks from accidental drops.
  • Design: The design should allow easy access to buttons and the charging port, without removing the case. Ventilation is also important to prevent moisture buildup.
  • Weight: Since every ounce matters when I’m running, a lightweight case is a must to avoid adding bulk to my wrist.

📏 Fit and Comfort

The best Apple Watch ultra case must fit snugly on the Apple Watch Ultra without adding too much bulk. I make sure to check for a flexible but secure band attachment so that it stays comfortable on long runs.

🌦️ Environmental Resistance

The best Apple Watch ultra case should resist sweat, rain, and dust, keeping the watch fully functional no matter the weather conditions I face.

FeatureWhat I Look For
MaterialShock-absorbent, comfortable
DesignAccessible, breathable
Fit & ComfortSnug fit, secure band attachment
Environmental ResistanceSweat, water, and dust resistance

When selecting the best Apple Watch ultra case, I always take time to evaluate these features carefully. This ensures my Apple Watch Ultra is well-protected and I can focus solely on my running performance.


Is Apple Watch Ultra for runners?

The Apple Watch Ultra is designed to cater to the needs of runners, offering features such as GPS accuracy, running metrics, and impressive battery life, making it suitable for running enthusiasts. 

Does the Apple Ultra need a protective case?

The need for a protective case for the Apple Watch Ultra is subjective. While some users prefer to use a case for added protection against scratches and impacts, others find it unnecessary due to the device’s durability and scratch-resistant features.

Is Apple Ultra scratch proof?

The Apple Watch Ultra is designed with a sapphire crystal display, which offers high scratch resistance, making it more durable against scratches compared to traditional glass displays.

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