5 Best Insoles for Running 2024 (#4 Will Level Up Your Run)

Running is my go-to for staying fit, and I’ve learned that the right insoles can make or break my experience. They’re game-changers for comfort, support, and preventing injuries, which is why I’m thrilled to share with you insoles that have truly stepped up my running game.

Get ready for my top 5 best insoles for running, which will also revolutionize your running!

Best Insoles for Running I Love

1. Run Active Comfort Insoles

3K+ bought in past month
Run Active Comfort Insoles


  • ✅ Impressive heel support enhancing comfort
  • ✅ Enhances the fit and feel of running shoes
  • ✅ Durable considering the price point


  • ❌ May not be suitable for those with very specific orthotic needs
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07/12/2024 02:42 am GMT

Running has always been my escape, the pounding of my feet on the path a steady rhythm that fuels my day. Recently, I slipped these Run Active Insoles into my runners and honestly, the difference was instant. My feet, previously prone to aching, felt cradled in supportive bliss, with a level of heel cushioning that pumped new life into my old sneakers.

But it wasn’t just the cushioning that got me; the added fit and feel made my running shoes feel custom-made. The insoles snugly filled in any gaps, providing a tailored experience that kept my feet secure, reducing slippage, and improving my overall stability. Who knew a simple insert could make me feel more connected to my shoes and, by extension, the road beneath me?

Also, while I found all the support I needed, these might not replace custom orthotics for those with specialized foot conditions. They’re great as a general insole, but they can’t perform miracles if you’ve got more serious issues.

2. RunPro Insoles for Running Shoes

400+ bought in past month
RunPro Insoles for Running Shoes


  • ✅ Flexible arch support
  • ✅ Excellent moisture management
  • ✅ Noticeable reduction in fatigue


  • ❌ After significant mileage, a replacement is needed
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/12/2024 03:41 am GMT

Out on the trail, the difference was palpable. The heel cup added stability, and I sensed a reduction in stress on my joints, especially when navigating uneven terrain. The insoles seemed to work with my natural foot motion rather than against it, a benefit I have come to appreciate immensely.

Not only does my running feel more energized, but the top-layer mesh design also performed impressively in wicking away moisture. Even after a long and strenuous session, my feet emerged cool and surprisingly fresh. The sustained comfort encouraged me to push my boundaries further without the distraction of dampness or discomfort.

Keep in mind, they might need a trim here and there, but once you’ve achieved that bespoke fit, it’s smooth and comfortable running from there on out.

3. Breathable Shoe Inner Soles for Running

600+ bought in past month
Breathable Shoe Inner Soles for Running
$9.99 ($9.99 / Count)


  • ✅ Remarkable shock absorption
  • ✅ Breathable design
  • ✅ Easy to trim


  • ❌ The honeycomb gel requires a break-in period for optimal comfort.
  • ❌ Durability of foam cushion areas is questionable with intense usage.
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07/12/2024 03:56 am GMT

My heels felt cradled, thanks to the U-heel design, and the pain I used to feel on long jogs seemed to dissipate. There wasn’t any need for me to snip the edges to fit my size nine runners, they slid in seamlessly, and I was out the door in minutes.

The breathability is a clear standout feature. The thoughtfully placed perforations allowed air to circulate freely underfoot, keeping my soles dry and cool even as my mileage ticked upward. That’s a win in my book, especially for runs in warmer weather.

While everything felt cushy and protected, I found the added orange gel sections under my arches were a tad too prominent at first. But, after a few miles, my feet started to adapt, hinting at a break-in period which is worth considering if you’re planning on using them for an immediate event.

4. Sport & Fitness All-Purpose Comfort Insoles

3K+ bought in past month
Sport & Fitness All-Purpose Comfort Insoles


  • ✅ Effective shock absorption
  • ✅ Customize them for a perfect shoe fit.
  • ✅ Noticeably improved side-to-side support


  • ❌ Might feel too stiff initially until they are broken in.
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07/12/2024 05:28 am GMT

My feet felt supported in a way that the stock insoles just didn’t offer. It’s like upgrading to a luxury suspension system in a car; the usual bumps in the road suddenly felt smoother, allowing me to focus on pushing my pace rather than on how my feet felt.

The support didn’t stop with the soles of my feet. As someone who’s keen on protecting my knees and lower back from the rigors of regular jogs, the shock absorption these insoles provided was a game-changer. The gel material seemed to disperse the impact evenly, leaving me feeling fresher post-run.

I must admit, I had my doubts about the flexible support these insoles claimed, but after a few agility drills, I’m sold. The stability was evident during lateral movements and sudden changes in direction. This added confidence in my footing is crucial, especially when I’m weaving through unpredictable trails. While I’ve only had the insoles a short while, they’ve quickly become a valued addition to my running gear.

5. Athlete Performance Full-length Insole

1K+ bought in past month
Athlete Performance Full-length Insole


  • ✅ Enhanced comfort from gel cushioning
  • ✅ Durable build
  • ✅ Good for a snug fit


  • ❌ Thickness might require a break-in period
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07/12/2024 04:57 am GMT

I couldn’t wait to slip these insoles into my running sneakers and hit the track. Right off the bat, the comfort level was through the roof; it felt like running on clouds with the gel cushioning absorbing each impact. I’ve found over the years that insoles can wear out quickly, but these have seen me through countless miles without any loss in their supportive structure.

The snugness they provided in my shoes was a pleasant surprise. I’ve had to trim insoles in the past for a proper fit, but these nestled in perfectly without any additional fuss. And unlike some insoles that only fit certain shoe types, these transitioned smoothly from my running shoes to my casual sneakers.

Buying Guide

When I’m choosing the best insoles for running, I pay attention to several crucial features that can seriously boost my performance and comfort. Let me guide you through what to look for:

🏃 Material

The material of thebest insoles for running is paramount. I look for materials that provide good shock absorption, like gel or foam. These materials help cushion my feet from the impact of running.

  • Gel: Great for shock absorption.
  • Foam: Offers comfort and support.

🏃 Arch Support

The right arch support is essential for my running insoles, as it helps to prevent injuries. I make sure the insoles match my arch type: low, neutral, or high.

  • Low Arch: Needs structured support.
  • Neutral Arch: Requires moderate support.
  • High Arch: Calls for cushioned support.

🏃 Footbed Type

There are different footbed constructions that I consider:

  • Rigid: Offers maximum support, but less cushioning.
  • Semi-rigid: A balance of support and cushioning.
  • Cushioned: Maximum comfort; might lack support.

🏃 Size and Fit

It’s important for me to get the sizing right. A proper fit means no slipping or bunching inside my shoe. Remember, some insoles can be trimmed for a perfect fit.

  • Trim-to-fit: Can be cut to size.
  • Full-size: Comes in specific sizes.

🏃 Breathability and Moisture Management

To avoid sweaty and uncomfortable feet, I always check for the best insoles for running with good breathability and moisture-wicking properties.

BreathableKeeps feet dry and cool.
Moisture-wickingReduces sweat and odors.
Table with features for the best insoles for running

By focusing on these features, I ensure my run is comfortable, and my feet are supported!


What are the best insoles for running?

Look for options with good cushioning and arch support.

How do I choose the right insoles for running?

Consider your foot type, running style, and any specific issues like plantar fasciitis. 

Do insoles make a difference for running?

Yes, they can improve comfort, support, and overall performance.

I also have tested the best knee support for running or the best running shoes. I think this could be interesting for you!

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