7 Best Long Sleeve Running Shirts for Performance! 2024

I’m absolutely thrilled to share my selection of the best long sleeve running shirts on the market! Whether you’re hitting the pavement on a chilly morning or breezing through a cool evening jog, these shirts are designed to provide optimal comfort and performance. I’ve scoured through countless options to bring you the cream of the crop, so you can focus on your run while staying warm and dry. Let’s jump right into the list!

Best Long Sleeve Running Shirts

1. Real Essentials Men´s Long Sleeve Set

Amazon's Choice
Real Essentials Men´s Long Sleeve Set


  • ✅ Excellent UV protection for outdoor activities
  • ✅ Moisture-wicking material keeps you dry
  • ✅ Great value with a pack of four


  • ❌ Fit might not be perfect for all body types
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05/22/2024 10:56 pm GMT

Just slipped on one of these Real Essentials shirts this morning for my run, and I must say, the UV protection is a massive plus for someone like me who loves the serenity of running under the clear, sunny sky. The fabric feels light against my skin, and even as I pushed through the last few miles, it wicked away sweat impressively, keeping me dry and comfortable.

Despite my doubts about the thin material, it held up well during my outing and worked wonders with layering without making me feel bulky.

Having worn these shirts on numerous occasions, from hiking trails to casual hangouts, I value the versatility they offer. They’ve proven to be durable, and it’s refreshing to have a rotation with the four-pack. The shirts fit mostly true to size, but if you’re on either end of the sizing spectrum, you may find the fit a bit off in places – nothing drastic, but worth noting.

2. Under Armour Men´s Tech 2.0

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Under Armour Men´s Tech 2.0


  • ✅ Keeps the body cool and dry
  • ✅ Extremely comfortable
  • ✅ Maintains shape and quality after multiple washes


  • ❌ Thinner material may not suit colder environments
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05/22/2024 11:56 pm GMT

After my first run wearing the Under Armour Tech 2.0, the difference was night and day. The fabric feels ultra-soft on my skin, enhancing my overall comfort, especially on longer runs. There’s a noticeable lightness to this shirt which, combined with its sweat-wicking properties, kept me feeling fresh and cool throughout.

I’ve also worn this shirt for some light gym work and it truly adapts to any workout environment. The streamlined fit means it never gets in the way, whether I’m lifting weights or hitting the treadmill. I really value the versatility of athletic wear, and this shirt hits the mark.

Despite its thinner material, durability isn’t sacrificed. I’ve washed this T-shirt multiple times, and it’s held its shape and size every time. The 100% polyester is a strong choice for endurance, though as winter approaches, I find myself layering it with other gear for warmth.

3. MathCat Women´s Long Sleeve

300+ bought in past month
MathCat Women´s Long Sleeve


  • ✅ Exceptional softness and stretchiness
  • ✅ Nice length that fits just right
  • ✅ Suitable for a variety of activities


  • ❌ Thumb holes could be better aligned
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05/23/2024 01:26 am GMT

After a brisk morning run, my wife was genuinely impressed by the MathCat’s softness against her skin. The stretchy fabric moved with her, offering a blend of support and freedom that she appreciates in running attire. Its snug fit complimented her form without constricting movement, making it an instant favorite for her daily jogs.

Color is often a hit or miss for her, but the light blue shade of this top was a pleasant surprise. The color held up well after several machine washes, and hanging it to dry was no hassle. It’s also versatile enough to transition from her running track to a casual outing without skipping a beat.

The only minor gripe was with the thumb holes—they weren’t exactly symmetrical to her hand’s position, but again, a small detail that was far outweighed by the top’s overall performance and comfort levels.

4. MLYENX Men´s 7 Pack Long-Sleeve Tees

300+ bought in past month
MLYENX Men´s 7 Pack Long-Sleeve Tees


  • ✅ The fabric dries quickly
  • ✅ Seven colors in one pack
  • ✅ Material feels soft against the skin


  • ❌ Limited thermal capacity; they're not for very cold weather on their own.
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05/23/2024 01:57 am GMT

After trying out the MLYENX long sleeve tees during my weekly runs, I’m genuinely impressed with their performance. The quick-dry feature is fantastic; it wicks away moisture as I sweat, keeping me dry and focused on my pace. Having seven different colors to choose from has been a game-changer – I can pick one for each day of the week, and they all look great whether I’m on the track or running errands.

The smooth texture of the fabric is another plus. It’s so soft and almost has a luxurious feel to it, which isn’t something I expected at this price point. They slide on easily and don’t irritate my skin, even on longer runs when I start to sweat a lot. I feel comfortable and stylish every time I wear them.

However, let’s talk fit for a moment. The snug sleeves showcase my biceps, which I like, but those who prefer a more relaxed fit might find them too tight. It’s polyester, so while it feels great and works well for being active, if you’re seeking a cotton feel, you’ll want to look elsewhere. And on really chilly mornings, I layer them with a jacket, as they’re not designed to keep out the severe cold.

5. Hanes Men´s Cool DRI Tees

100+ bought in past month
Hanes Men´s Cool DRI Tees


  • ✅ Moisture-wicking capabilities
  • ✅ Bright colors for high visibility
  • ✅ Durable through multiple washes


  • ❌ Breathability not on par with more expensive brands
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Just the other day, I took these Hanes Cool DRI Tees for a spin on my morning run and I was thoroughly impressed. The polyester fabric handled moisture like a champ, keeping me dry as I tackled the trails.

Now, safety’s a big deal to me when I’m out for a jog, especially around dawn or dusk. I must say, the vibrant Safety Green shade of these shirts definitely made me stand out, plus they held their color after several spins in the wash, looking just as fresh and bright as when they first arrived. This perk alone has me reaching for these tees regularly.

I’m also rather picky about the longevity of my gear. Who isn’t, right? So I was delighted to discover that after months of use, the tees remain just as soft and wrinkle-free as day one. Washing them is a breeze.

6. Under Armour Men´s Zip Tech 2.0

300+ bought in past month
Under Armour Men´s Zip Tech 2.0


  • ✅ Fabric feels light and keeps you dry
  • ✅ Zip front is great for temperature control
  • ✅ Stylish enough for casual wear


  • ❌ Material may be too thin for some preferences
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05/23/2024 02:12 am GMT

Having just slipped into this Under Armour Men’s Tech 2.0 1/2 Zip shirt, I reveled in the soft feel of the UA Tech™ fabric against my skin. The quick-drying feature proved itself as I picked up the pace, and not once did I feel bogged down by sweat.

The ½ zip front was another boon. As my run progressed and the morning chill gave way to warmer rays, a quick zip down helped regulate my body temperature with ease. Plus, it added a dash of style that made the transition from trail to a coffee shop seamless.

Durability and comfort aside, the anti-odor technology was the unsung hero. Even after a long run, no unpleasant smells lingered, and the fabric felt as fresh as when I’d first put it on. Trust me, this shirt can easily become a staple for any runner who values functionality and aesthetics.

7. BALEAF Women´s Quick Dry Pullover

My Wife´s Pick
BALEAF Women´s Quick Dry Pullover


  • ✅ Satisfying fit
  • ✅ Versatile concealed zipper pocket
  • ✅ The fabric offers quick-drying and breathability


  • ❌ Material is thicker compared to other dry-fit shirts
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/23/2024 02:12 am GMT

After slipping into this BALEAF Women’s Long Sleeve Running Shirt, my wife noticed right away the comfort it provided. Running on a chilly morning, the extended length at the back and the thumb holes kept her adequately warm without the need for additional layers.

The concealed zipper pocket came in handy when she needed a secure place for her keys. Not having to carry extra pouches or bags for such small items was a huge plus. The less she has to bring, the freer she feels during her runs, and this shirt catered to that perfectly.

The moisture-wicking capabilities stood up to the test. Even after a long sweat-inducing run, she was impressed by how quickly the shirt dried. Its breathability kept her cool and the pullover remained comfortable throughout, making her eager to wear it for her next session.

Buying Guide

🏃 Material

When I´m on the hunt for the best long sleeve running shirts, I look for moisture-wicking fabrics! They’re essential for keeping me dry and comfortable. Materials like polyester or blends with spandex offer breathability and stretch.

  • Moisture-wicking: Keeps sweat away from skin.
  • Breathability: Allows air flow to regulate body temperature.
  • Stretch: Provides flexibility for freedom of movement.

🌞 Weather Suitability

I choose based on the climate I’ll be running in. Lightweight fabrics for warmer days and thermal properties for the cold.

  • Lightweight: For warm or indoor environments.
  • Thermal Insulation: For colder weather, keeping me warm.

🛡️ Durability

I check for high-quality stitching and material that can withstand regular washes and wear.

  • Stitching: Double seams may increase longevity.
  • Material Quality: Resilience against frequent laundering.

✨ Features

I consider additional features like reflective elements for visibility and thumbholes for hand coverage.

  • Reflective Elements: For safety during low-light conditions.
  • Thumbholes: Offer extra comfort and keep sleeves in place.

📏 Fit

I ensure the best long sleeve running shirts fits well; not too tight, not too loose.

  • Measurements: Compare my measurements with size charts.
  • Comfort: Make sure there’s no chafing or restriction.


Are best long sleeve running shirts breathable?

Yes, the best long sleeve running shirts are made from moisture-wicking materials to keep you dry and comfortable during your run. 

Do best long sleeve running shirts provide sun protection?

Many long sleeve running shirts offer UPF protection to shield you from harmful UV rays. 

How should the best long sleeve running shirts fit?

A good fit should be snug but not restrictive, allowing for freedom of movement without excess fabric.

I also have tested the best running jackets or the best daily trainer running shoes. I think this could be interesting for you!

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