7 Best Running Shoes for Beginners: Starting Strong 2024!

Choosing the right running shoes is crucial for beginners to ensure comfort, support, and injury prevention. Discover our top picks and essential features to consider when selecting the best running shoes for beginners.

Best Running Shoes for Beginners – Get Ready for Your Run.

1. ASICS Women´s Gel-Venture 8

50+ bought in past month
ASICS Women´s Gel-Venture 8


  • ✅ Over 21K positive Amazon reviews
  • ✅ Impressive grip and traction
  • ✅ Stylish design
  • ✅ Supportive structure ideal for beginner runners


  • ❌ Cushioning may feel insufficient for some users
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05/20/2024 07:02 am GMT

The moment my wife unboxed the ASICS Gel-Venture 8, their bold design and solid construction impressed her. Their rubber soles seemed ready to tackle any path, and that’s exactly what she experienced. From asphalt to light trails, these shoes provided her with secure footing every step of the way.

What stood out the most was how the structure of the shoe seemed to hold her foot in the right position. For a beginner, this level of support instilled confidence, especially when navigating uneven terrain.

Initially, she was taken aback by the snug fit, but opting for half a size larger than usual did the trick – the fit was perfect. Although the cushioning was decent, she might add an extra insole for those days when her feet crave a little more pampering.

2. Under Armour Men´s Assert 9

1K+ bought in past month
Under Armour Men´s Assert 9


  • ✅ Over 56K positive Amazon reviews
  • ✅ Impressive cushioning
  • ✅ Great breathability
  • ✅ Stability


  • ❌ May require break-in period for some
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After slipping my feet into the Under Armour Charged Assert 9 shoes, the first thing I noticed was the cushy feel underfoot. The Charged Cushioning midsole didn’t just absorb the shock of each stride; it actually seemed to propel me forward, adding a spring to my step. It’s clear these shoes are built for those just starting to rack up the miles.

The mesh upper was a game-changer during my run. My feet stayed dry and comfortable even as I pushed through those extra miles. Plus, the design – sleek and modern without being over the top.

The leather overlays have done wonders for durability, ensuring the shoes maintain their shape and support. I’ve clocked significant mileage in them and they still feel just as sturdy as day one, although I do notice the outsole showing some wear on rougher trails.

3. Brooks Women’s Launch 9

50+ bought in past month
Brooks Women's Launch 9


  • ✅ Exceptional comfort
  • ✅ Stylish design
  • ✅ Durable build


  • ❌ Limited color choices might not appeal to everyone
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05/21/2024 07:13 am GMT

Instantly, my wife noticed the snug fit, hugging her feet securely, which filled her with confidence for the run ahead. The sole’s cushioning provided a bouncy response, and despite logging in several miles, her feet felt supported throughout.

Returning home, she couldn’t help but admire the sleek design once again. The lilac, cobalt, and silver colors popped, making these more than just run-of-the-mill running shoes – they’re a style statement. When her neighbor commented on how trendy they looked, she knew she’d made the right choice.

While she sometimes wishes for better grip during rainy days, it’s a minor trade-off for the overall quality and comfort.

4. UA Women´s Charged Assert 10

300+ bought in past month
UA Women´s Charged Assert 10


  • ✅ Exceptional comfort
  • ✅ Aesthetically pleasing design
  • ✅ Good value


  • ❌ Might require ordering a half size up due to snug fit
  • ❌ Break-in period necessary for optimal comfort
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/21/2024 07:13 am GMT

The breathable mesh kept her feet cool, and the stylish design made her feel confident enough to blaze through the park.

During her first run, she noticed the extra room in the toe box – a boon for those with wider feet. They felt a bit snug initially, but they adapted to her feet’s shape soon after. Plus, the versatility had her wearing them post-run errands with no discomfort at all.

Value-wise, these shoes are on point. She didn’t always expect top-tier quality at such an accessible price, but they deliver. And while they may not have the plushness of more expensive models, they provide enough support to carry her mile after mile. After some wear, they molded to her feet like a custom fit – truly a beginner’s must-have.

5. ASICS Women’s Gel-Excite 9 

50+ bought in past month
ASICS Women's Gel-Excite 9


  • ✅ Supreme comfort
  • ✅ Excellent breathability
  • ✅ Stylish design


  • ❌ Arch support is moderate
  • ❌ Requires a brief break-in period
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05/21/2024 09:26 am GMT

This isn’t just another shoe; this is like a portable trampoline for her feet, making her runs a joyous experience filled with springy enthusiasm. The engineered mesh keeps her toes feeling like they’re on a breezy holiday, and that makes all the difference during those longer runs.

Besides their impressive comfort, these shoes have a certain flair that catches the eye without screaming for attention. Their subtlety in style means she’s equally at ease wearing them while pounding the pavement or grabbing a post-run smoothie. Also, the color options are just beautiful — she went for the Barely Rose/White, and it’s a delight!

Tiptoeing around the downsides, she noticed the toe box could feel a touch cramped at first. Moreover, if your arches sing songs for more support, you might want to slip in some custom insoles to cater to your personal comfort notes.

6. ALTRA Men’s Torin 5

Running Companion
ALTRA Men's Torin 5


  • ✅ Generous toe box room
  • ✅ Excellent cushioning for long runs
  • ✅ Responsive, energetic midsole


  • ❌ May not suit those who prefer traditional narrow designs
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05/21/2024 12:43 pm GMT

Lacing up the ALTRA Men’s Torin 5 felt like a treat for my feet. The shoe’s toe box gave my toes the freedom they longed for, enhancing stability even on uneven ground. The high, balanced cushioning offered a cloud-like sensation with every stride, making each mile smoother than the last.

The shoes’ breathable knit upper kept my feet cool, which was a godsend during my lengthy weekend jogs. I found the zero-drop platform to be a game-changer, promoting natural alignment and form, minimizing strain on my joints.

Despite their stellar performance, these trainers come with a steeper price tag which might have beginners on a tight budget thinking twice. Their wide-fit style also strays from conventional narrow running shoes, which some might find hard to adjust to.

7. Brooks Men´s Launch GTS 9

50+ bought in past month
Brooks Launch GTS 9


  • ✅ Responsive cushioning
  • ✅ Trendy design
  • ✅ Lightweight construction


  • ❌ Narrow fit might be a squeeze for wider feet
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/21/2024 05:11 pm GMT

From my first jog in these shoes, I could feel the rubber sole’s bounce propelling me forward. The lightweight synthetic fabric kept my feet feeling cool, even as the miles stacked up on a sunny day.

Venturing out on a variety of terrains, I noticed the outsole gripped confidently, whether on gravel paths or wet sidewalks. They kept my feet snug and in place.

Now, addressing some concerns, while I found the fit true to size, friends with broader feet mentioned a tighter feel. Despite initial discomfort in the arch support, my feet quickly adapted, leading to many more comfortable miles.

Buying Guide: Best Running Shoes for Beginners

🗝 Key Considerations

  1. Comfort and Fit: Look for shoes that provide a snug yet comfortable fit, with ample toe room and secure heel support.
  2. Cushioning and Support: Opt for shoes with adequate cushioning to absorb impact and provide support for new runners.
  3. Versatility: Consider shoes suitable for various terrains and running distances, offering flexibility for different training needs.
  4. Durability: Choose durable materials and construction to ensure longevity, especially for regular use.

Top Features to Look For

  • Breathable mesh uppers for ventilation and temperature regulation.
  • Responsive midsole cushioning for a comfortable and energizing running experience.
  • Traction and grip for stability on different surfaces.
  • Lightweight design for easy mobility.

Selecting the best running shoes for beginners involves considering comfort, support, and durability. By prioritizing key features and popular models, you can make an informed decision to kick-start your running journey with the perfect pair of shoes.


What are the best running shoes for beginners?

Look for well-cushioned, supportive shoes.

How do I choose the best running shoes for beginners?

Consider your foot type, gait, and intended use to find the best fit. 

Can I use running shoes for other activities?

While running shoes are designed for forward motion, they can be used for walking, gym workouts, and everyday wear.

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