5 Best Running Shoes for Marathon (#3 Provides Success) 2024

Finding the right pair of the best running shoes for marathon can make or break your experience, and I’ve searched far and wide to bring you the best of the best. These kicks are designed to keep you comfortable, supported, and quick on your feet all the way to the 26.2-mile mark.

Best Running Shoes for Marathon

1. ASICS Noosa TRI 14

Amazon's Choice
ASICS Noosa TRI 14


  • ✅ Exceptional comfort
  • ✅ Stylish design
  • ✅ Durable construction


  • ❌ May run narrow for some foot types
  • ❌ Limited color options in certain sizes
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05/19/2024 08:41 am GMT

They feel like a boost to my marathon training, hugging my feet perfectly with each mile. The ASICS Noosa TRI 14 is like a bed of clouds for your soles; the synthetic fabric provides a snug yet breathable cocoon, crucial when you’re clocking in the miles.

Running on various terrains, I’ve noticed the Noosa TRI 14’s adaptability. Its durability is apparent; I recently passed the 200-mile mark, and they’re holding up like champions.

However, what they may lack in initial cost-effectiveness and width options, they make up for in their remarkable composition and the feeling of effortless long-distance running they afford.

2. ASICS Men´s Gel-Kayano 29

100+ bought in past month
ASICS Men´s Gel-Kayano 29


  • ✅ Exceptionally stable
  • ✅ Smooth and cushioned ride
  • ✅ Accommodates orthotics well


  • ❌ May feel too cushioned for runners used to a firmer sole
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/18/2024 07:11 am GMT

Lacing up these ASICS, I instantly appreciated the plush feel underfoot—the FF BLAST™ cushioning is no joke. Whether it’s a quick morning jaunt or a grueling long run, the softness combined with support allows me to keep a steady pace, enveloping my feet in what feels like a personalized cocoon of comfort.

It’s the support for me—this external buttress really knows how to cradle a heel, and stability was paramount in my latest 10k training. I felt secure each time my foot hit the ground, even during those sharp mid-race pivots. Runners with a penchant for solid underfoot structure will surely find this aspect a game-changer.

After a whirl with the Gel-Kayano 29, I’m impressed by the snappy responsiveness with each toe-off—the energy return is tangible. Runs felt less taxing, almost as if the shoes provided a subtle, yet effective push forward. As for any downside, they do feel a bit snug, so I’d suggest bumping up a half size.

3. Brooks Men´s Adrenaline GTS 22

300+ bought in past month
Brooks Men´s Adrenaline GTS 22


  • ✅ Exceptional support and cushioning
  • ✅ Durable and well-crafted materials
  • ✅ Tailored fit for narrow feet


  • ❌ Limited color options in certain sizes
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05/19/2024 10:11 am GMT

Having slipped my feet into the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22, the immediate snug fit was noticeable. It’s like they were made just for me. During my marathon training, these shoes were a game-changer, striking a fine balance between firm support and plush cushioning. With each mile, I appreciated the stability that kept my strides confident and my pace steady.

When I think back on the miles racked up in these shoes, it’s the durability that stands out. Unlike my previous pairs from other brands, the Adrenaline GTS 22 doesn’t show signs of surrender after rigorous sessions. Whether slogging through long-distance jogs or sprinting down sidewalks, the consistently excellent performance is remarkable.

Reflecting on the overall experience, the comfort factor truly defines the Adrenaline GTS 22. I never had to contend with bothersome seams or uncomfortable pressure points.

4. New Balance FuelCell Elite

Color Miracle
New Balance FuelCell Elite


  • ✅ Outstanding energy return
  • ✅ Comfortable, secure fit
  • ✅ Breathability and lightweight design


  • ❌ Less cushioning on the sole compared to some competitors
  • ❌ Durability of the outsole could be an issue over time
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/19/2024 10:11 am GMT

Slipping my feet into the New Balance FuelCell Elite, I could tell these were designed with marathons in mind. On my long runs, the high energy return on the midsole pushed me forward, making those extra miles less taxing. Even during fast intervals, the locked-in feel gave me confidence with every stride.

Breathability is crucial when hitting the pavement for hours on end, and these shoes didn’t disappoint. My feet stayed cool and dry, a testament to the well-thought-out material choices. Plus, they’re so light it barely felt like they were there, which is exactly what you want on race day.

Yet, no shoe is perfect. I noticed that the sole cushioning isn’t as generous as some of the bulkier marathon shoes I’ve used, which might be a concern for those who rely on a plush ride. Also, after stacking up the miles during training, I’m a bit worried about how the outsole will hold up over time.

5. Saucony Women´s Ride 15

Amazon´s Choice / My Wife´s Pick
Saucony Women´s Ride 15


  • ✅ Exceptional cushioning
  • ✅ Spacious toe box
  • ✅ Lightweight design


  • ❌ Requires a break-in period
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05/19/2024 10:30 am GMT

Lacing up the Saucony Ride 15 feels like a treat for her feet with its ultra-soft cushioning – a game-changer during her weekend marathon prep. The bounce and responsiveness have been evident from her first jog, making each step feel efficient and light.

The toe box is impressively roomy, which is a huge plus. She’s had no issues with crowding or blisters, ensuring her training is uninterrupted by discomfort. Plus, the sleek design had her feeling not only comfortable but also stylish at the park.

A cautionary note for fellow runners with wider feet – these shoes tend to hug your feet a tad too cozily. She’d recommend easing them in with shorter distances initially. But once they’re molded to your feet, prepare for a snug and supportive ride that’ll eat up those marathon miles.

Buying Guide

🏃 Fit and Comfort

I always check the fit first! The best running shoes for marathon should feel snug but not tight, with enough room to wiggle my toes. I prefer a thumb’s width of space between my longest toe and the end of the shoe to account for foot swelling during the run.

🎯 Purpose

I consider the type of training I’ll be doing. For high-mileage weeks, I look for shoes with ample cushioning to absorb shock and reduce fatigue. If I’m racing, I might opt for a lighter shoe for that extra speed boost.

👟 Midsole Technology

The midsole is where the magic happens for me. I look for materials that provide a balance between cushioning and responsiveness. This ensures I’m not losing too much energy with each step.

FeaturePreferenceWhy It Matters
CushioningHighReduces impact
ResponsivenessModerate/HighEfficient stride
Table about features for the best running shoes for marathon

📏 Size

I always measure my feet later in the day when they’re slightly swollen, similar to how they’ll be during a marathon. I recommend getting your feet sized regularly since they can change over time.

⛅ Breathability

Breathability is super important to me. Best running shoes for marathon with a breathable mesh upper to help keep my feet cool and dry.

🏁 Durability

I look for durable outsoles that can withstand the wear and tear of training and the race itself. High-abrasion areas should have tougher material to go the extra mile.

🔄 Return Policy

Finally, I never forget to check the return policy. Even with careful consideration, sometimes a shoe just doesn’t work out, and I want the peace of mind that I can exchange them if needed.


What are the best running shoes for marathon?

Look for lightweight, cushioned shoes with good support and durability. 

How do I choose the best running shoes for marathon?

Consider your running style, foot shape, and preferred cushioning level. 

Are there specific brands recommended for marathon shoes?

Popular choices include Nike, Adidas, and Brooks for their quality and performance.

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