Half Marathons in Arizona: Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Races 2024

Arizona, known for its picturesque landscapes and warm weather, offers a fantastic backdrop for outdoor activities, especially running events. One of the popular choices for running enthusiasts is participating in half marathons in Arizona.

Throughout the year, Arizona hosts a variety of half marathons, each with its unique theme, location, and level of difficulty. Some popular choices include the Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona and Santa Hustle Arizona Half Marathon, offering lively atmospheres and well-designed courses that cater to every runner’s needs.

In this article, we will discuss the various half marathons in Arizona.

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Half Marathons in Arizona 2024

We’ve gathered a list of some exciting half marathons in Arizona for the year 2024. With a wide range of courses and locations to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect race to challenge yourself and enjoy the picturesque landscapes of Arizona.

Starting off in Peoria, Arizona, the 2024 Arizona Half Marathon is an event not to miss! Held at Rio Vista Park, this race will offer a half marathon, 10K, and 5K distances, catering to all skill levels. But, be quick to register, as this event is limited to 700 participants.

Sebastian Gradl after Running a Charity Run 09.2023

“I started running because my goal was to complete a marathon. I realized that running is so much more. While you run, your thoughts are with you and you feel inner peace. Absolute quality time.”

Below I have a larger selection of upcoming half marathons in Arizona for you.

Table about upcomming Half Marathons in Arizona January 2024

Sat Jan 6Buckeye Marathon Half Marathon 10K & 5KBuckeye AZ
Sat Jan 6Christiansen Trail Run Half MarathonPhoenix AZ
Sun Jan 14Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon Half Marathon 10k & 5kPhoenix AZ
Sun Jan 21SHE Power Half Marathon & 5kChandler AZ
Sat Jan 27AZT Oracle Rumble 50M 50k Half Marathon & 10kTucson AZ
Sat Jan 27Yuma Territorial Marathon Half Marathon & 10kSomerton AZ

Table about upcomming Half Marathons in Arizona February 2024

Sat Feb 3Sedona Half Marathon 10K & 5KSedona AZ
Sat Feb 10Sprouts Mesa Marathon Half Marathon & 10KMesa AZ
Sun Feb 18Lost Dutchman Marathon Half Marathon 10K & 8KApache Junction AZ
Sat Feb 24Saguaro Half MarathonTucson AZ
half marathons in arizona Group running the lost dutchman
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Table about upcomming Half Marathons in Arizona March 2024

Sat Mar 2Havasu Half Marathon & 5KLake Havasu City AZ
Sun Mar 3Arizona Half Marathon 10k & 5kPeoria AZ
Sat Mar 9Antelope Canyon Ultra Marathons 100M 50M 55k & Half MarathonPage AZ
Sat Mar 9Mesquite Canyon Trail Runs & Half MarathonWaddell AZ
Sun Mar 10Tucson Shamrock Half Marathon 10k & 5kTucson AZ
Sat Mar 30Hippity Hop Half Marathon 10k & 5kPeoria AZ

Table about upcomming Half Marathons in Arizona April 2024

Sat Apr 13Whiskey Basin Trail Runs & Half MarathonPrescott AZ
Sat Apr 13Wickenburg’s Wild West Run Half Marathon 10k & 5kWickenburg AZ
Sun Apr 14Arizona Trail Vail Scramble Half Marathon & 10kVail AZ
Sat Apr 27Vintage Run/Walk Half Marathon 10k 5k & 2MCottonwood AZ

Additionally, for an extensive list of half marathons happening all across the state, be sure to visit the 2023-2024 Arizona Half Marathons Race Calendar on HalfMarathons.net. This calendar offers detailed race information, dates, and registration links for various half marathons in Arizona.

Major Cities Hosting Half Marathons

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We have numerous of great half marathons in Arizona throughout the year. Many of these races take place in our most iconic cities. Let’s explore some of the major locations where you can participate in these exciting events!

🌵 Phoenix

Phoenix is not only the capital of Arizona but also a popular destination for half marathons. The city boasts a multitude of races, such as the ARR Desert Classic Half Marathon and 5K, held in January. With its fantastic urban landscape and vibrant running community, Phoenix is a must-visit destination for half marathon enthusiasts.

🏙️ Mesa, Tempe, and Glendale

A short drive from Phoenix, you’ll find the cities of Mesa, Tempe, and Glendale. These neighboring cities also offer exciting half marathon events. In Mesa, you can participate in the Arizona Half Marathon in March, while Tempe hosts races such as the Time to Paddy 5K/10K and Lucky 13.1.

🏔️ Prescott and Lake Havasu City

In the picturesque city of Prescott, you can enjoy half marathons amidst stunning surroundings. Lake Havasu City, another scenic location in Arizona, also hosts races that draw runners from all over the state.

🏘️ Apache Junction and Peoria

Additionally, smaller cities such as Apache Junction and Peoria have also embraced the half marathon spirit. You can find local races in these cities, giving you even more opportunities to explore Arizona’s beautiful landscape and welcoming running community.

Popular Half Marathon Races

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Arizona is a beautiful state, and there’s no better way to experience it than by participating in one of its many half marathon races. Let us introduce you to some of the most popular races in the state.

🏃‍♂️ Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Half Marathon

One of the most well-known half marathons in Arizona is the Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Half Marathon. This race, which takes place in January, is part of the larger Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series that happens in various cities across the country. With live music at every mile, it truly lives up to its name.

🎅 Santa Hustle

Another festive race is the Santa Hustle, which usually takes place in December. This race has runners donning Santa suits and other holiday-themed attire as they dash through the streets of Glendale, Arizona. With Christmas spirit in the air, it’s hard not to have a jolly time during this race.

🏞️ Four Corners Quad Keyah

For runners looking for a more rugged experience, the Four Corners Quad Keyah offers a challenging yet picturesque trail run. With the unique opportunity to run through all four corners of the southwest, this race is truly a bucket-list experience.

🏔️ Flagstaff Half Marathon

The Flagstaff Half Marathon takes place in Northern Arizona’s mountainous haven, boasting an elevation of 7,000 feet! This one-of-a-kind race showcases the stunning topography of the region, offering runners a chance to experience the area’s crisp, fresh mountain air.

🏜️ 3 More Popular Half Marathons in Arizona

Some other popular half marathon races in Arizona include the Havasu Half Marathon, the Gilbert Half Marathon, and the Whiskey Row Half Marathon held in the historic town of Prescott. Each of these races offers its own unique course, challenges, and scenery to make for a memorable running experience.

We hope our list of popular half marathons in Arizona helps ignite your racing spirit and motivates you to lace up your shoes and hit the pavement or trails in the beautiful Grand Canyon State. Happy running!

Inclusive and Virtual Race Options

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We have a variety of half marathons in Arizona with different themes to cater to everyone’s interests. We even offer virtual race options to suit all preferences. We want everyone to feel included and enjoy the experience of running in Arizona.

🍷 Wine Lovers 5k/10k/13.1

One of the unique half marathons we have is the Wine Lovers 5k/10k/13.1 which combines the love for running with wine tasting, making it a fun and memorable event. Runners also have the option to participate in shorter races, like the 5k and 10k distances.

🎀 Run Against Breast Cancer

If you’re passionate about supporting good causes, you might be interested in the Run Against Breast Cancer event. It offers a chance to raise awareness and contribute to research while enjoying a race surrounded by an encouraging community.

🎅 Phoenix Run Run Rudolph and Tucson Run Run Rudolph

For the festive season, we have the Phoenix Run Run Rudolph and Tucson Run Run Rudolph, which are holiday-themed races! With a joyful atmosphere, runners can celebrate and stay fit during the holidays.

🏞️ Estrella Mountain Trail Fest and AZT Oracle Rumble

If you’re more inclined towards trail running, events like the Estrella Mountain Trail Fest and AZT Oracle Rumble provide beautiful settings to challenge yourself and enjoy the natural scenery.

🌍 Races with Virtual Options

Moreover, we offer a selection of races with virtual options, which means participants can join from anywhere in the world. These virtual races, such as the Run for Donuts Race 5k/10k/13.1, allow you to complete the race at your own pace and location.

Preparation and Registration for the Race

As we start to plan for participating in half marathons in Arizona, it’s essential to be well-prepared and understand the registration process.

To make sure we’re all set, let’s go over a quick checklist:

  1. 🏁 Choose a race: Look up Half Marathons in Arizona to find the perfect one for us.
  2. 🏃 Start training: A consistent training plan will ensure we’re ready for race day. Don’t forget to pay attention to our bodies and avoid overtraining. -> Check out our half marathon training plans!
  3. 📝 Registration: Keep an eye on race-specific registration deadlines and visit their official websites to provide all necessary information and fees.
  4. 👟 Gear up: Invest in comfortable running shoes, proper clothing, and other gear to make the experience enjoyable. -> Find out what to wear for a marathon!
  5. 📰 Stay informed: Check for any updates, changes, or announcements related to our chosen race.

Stunning Race Locations

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Arizona is known for its diverse and picturesque landscapes, making it a perfect backdrop for half marathons. In this section, we’ll explore some of the most stunning race locations in Arizona, each offering a unique setting for a memorable running experience.

🏜️ Desert Landscape

One of the primary appeals of Arizona half marathons is the opportunity to run through the awe-inspiring desert landscape. The desert’s natural beauty creates a picturesque setting for any half marathon, with challenging yet rewarding courses to test your endurance. The mesmerizing views of cacti forests, colorful sunsets, and expansive vistas are truly a sight to behold as you pursue your personal best.

🏞️ Pima County

Runners seeking variety in both scenery and terrain should consider participating in a race held in Pima County. This region boasts a mix of meadowswoodland, and rolling hills, providing runners with an ever-changing landscape to enjoy as they tackle the course. For those who favor water views, the Salt River is a popular half marathon route where you can appreciate the calm, reflective waters while navigating a diverse course.

🗺️ Four Corners Monument

In search of a unique race experience? Look no further than the Four Corners Monument. Situated at the intersection of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado, this iconic landmark allows runners to traverse multiple state lines during their 13.1-mile journey. As you wind through the course, savor the thrill of racing across borders and the breathtaking views that accompany this one-of-a-kind event.

Music and Entertainment at Races

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We’re excited to share some insights about the music and entertainment scene at half marathons in Arizona.

  • 🎉 Live bands or DJ stations at strategic points along the racecourse create a lively atmosphere and help maintain runners’ energy and enthusiasm.
  • 🎉 Specific race themes may dictate the choice of music, such as a rock’n’roll marathon with electric guitars or a jazz-themed race with sultry saxophone tunes.
  • 🎉 Some races engage runners with music and entertainment through themed music playlists for synchronization using smartphone apps or other gadgets, fostering a sense of unity and keeping spirits high.

In addition to music, other entertainment elements can be found at Arizona half marathons. We’ve seen everything from:

  • 🎉 Cheer zones with enthusiastic spectators
  • 🎉 Entertainers performing stunts or tricks, like acrobatics and juggling
  • 🎉 Costume contests encouraging runners to dress up in their wildest, most fun outfits

These various forms of entertainment not only keep the runners engaged but also provide a fun atmosphere for spectators and supporters.

Ultimately, we believe that music and entertainment are essential ingredients for a successful and memorable half marathon experience in Arizona.
The combination of great race courses, lively tunes, and creative entertainment ensures that runners and spectators alike will have a fantastic time.

Our Option on Half Marathons in Arizona

We believe that Arizona offers some fantastic half marathons for both experienced and novice runners. The state’s diverse landscapes provide a variety of terrains and scenic routes to make every race exciting and memorable.

One of the reasons we enjoy half marathons in Arizona is their perfect mixture of challenging and picturesque courses. Many of these races take place in beautiful locations.

Dennis Heinrich after Mallorca Marathon 10.2023 Bild1

“Here I have quick list of some popular Arizona half marathons:

  • The Phoenix Marathon
  • The Tucson Half Marathon
  • The Scottsdale Half Marathon”

In addition to the fantastic locations and scenery, half marathons in Arizona often feature great race organization and community support. From the thorough race information on websites to the excited spectators cheering on the sidelines, these events create a positive atmosphere for all runners.

We also appreciate that Arizona hosts half marathons throughout the year. Regardless of your schedule, you’re likely to find a race that fits in with your training and time commitments.

So, if you’re planning on hitting the pavement for a half marathon, we highly recommend considering one of the many races Arizona has to offer. Lace up your shoes, train well, and enjoy those stunning landscapes as you conquer your 13.1 miles!


When and where are the most popular half marathons in Arizona?

The most popular half marathons in Arizona are typically held in the spring and fall in cities such as Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tucson. 

How do I train for a half marathon in Arizona’s climate?

It’s important to acclimate to the hot, dry climate by gradually increasing your mileage and staying hydrated during training runs. 

Are there any elevation challenges in Arizona half marathons?

Some half marathons in Arizona, particularly those in northern parts of the state, may have elevation changes and hilly terrain, so it’s important to incorporate hill training into your preparation.

Have you ever run half marathons in Arizona? I would love to hear your experience in the comments. I’m sure you also like reading about Half Marathon Pacing or about Do I Need To Fuel During A Half Marathon.

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