Long Beach Marathon Route: A Detailed Guide to the 26.2 Mile Course 2024

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Long Beach Marathon: Watch this video for an insight.

Long Beach Marathon Route: My 6 Points Overview! 🏃‍♂️🐷

  1. Starting Point 🏁 : Downtown Launchpad
  2. First Half 🌉: Shoreline Serenity and Queensway Quest
  3. Mid-Route 🏖️ : Belmont Bliss and Lagoon Leisure
  4. Second Half 🏫: Campus Challenge at Cal State Long Beach
  5. Final Stretch 🌅: Ocean Boulevard Odyssey
  6. Finish Line 🏆: Shoreline Triumph at Aquatic Park

Starting Point 🏁 : Downtown Launchpad

The Long Beach Marathon kicks off in downtown Long Beach, near Shoreline Drive and Pine Avenue. This flat and fast section lets you find your pace and comfort before the race heats up.

First Half 🌉: Shoreline Serenity and Queensway Quest

Leaving downtown, runners head to Shoreline Village, a scenic waterfront with shops and restaurants, offering views of the Pacific. Then, cross the iconic Queensway Bridge for breathtaking harbor and skyline vistas.

Mid-Route 🏖️ : Belmont Bliss and Lagoon Leisure

Midway through, Belmont Shore welcomes with its beachside charm and local support. The course then heads to the tranquil Colorado Lagoon, an oasis in the heart of the city.

Second Half 🏫: Campus Challenge at Cal State Long Beach

Entering the second half, runners pass through California State University, Long Beach, featuring rolling hills that can challenge even seasoned participants.

Final Stretch 🌅: Ocean Boulevard Odyssey

The last leg runs along Ocean Boulevard, a scenic coastal road with breathtaking ocean and skyline views. A flat and fast section, ideal for a strong finish and personal best.

Finish Line 🏆: Shoreline Triumph at Aquatic Park

The finish line is at Shoreline Aquatic Park, a beautiful waterfront space to celebrate. Meet friends and family, enjoy refreshments, and revel in the glory of your accomplishment.

Long Beach Marathon Route Finish
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We hope this guide to the Long Beach Marathon route enhances your race preparation. Stay tuned for more tips and advice from our team of experts as you gear up for this iconic Southern California event. 🌴🏃‍♂️

Long Beach Marathon Route Challenges

Weather ☀️

Preparing for the Long Beach Marathon means acknowledging the challenge posed by October’s weather. Runners face hot temperatures and high humidity, demanding careful hydration to maintain pace and avoid dehydration.

Tips for Hot Runs:

  • Hydrate consistently during training to build endurance.
  • Plan water intake strategically on race day, considering weather conditions.

Coastal Wind 🌬️

Another hurdle along the Long Beach Marathon route is the unpredictable coastal wind. Runners must be ready to adjust pace and form, especially when faced with strong winds.

Tips for Windy Conditions:

  • Practice running in windy conditions during training.
  • Consider a more aerodynamic running stance to mitigate the impact of the wind.

Hills ⛰️

Despite the generally flat terrain, the Long Beach Marathon introduces runners to a few inclines. Tackling these requires strategic training and preparation for runners not accustomed to hill challenges.

Tips for Hill Training:

  • Incorporate hill-specific workouts into your training routine.
  • Strengthen leg muscles through targeted exercises to enhance uphill performance.

Crowd 👥

The Long Beach Marathon route can be bustling, especially in the early miles with thousands of participants. Staying alert and avoiding tripping or getting caught up in the crowd is crucial.

Tips for Navigating Crowds:

  • Position yourself strategically at the start to avoid congestion.
  • Gradually find your running rhythm, allowing the crowd to disperse.

Route Services

Long Beach Marathon Route Running Stuff
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As runners make their way along the Long Beach Marathon route, they can rest assured that a variety of services will be available to them to ensure a safe and comfortable experience. Here are some of the services that participants can expect to encounter along the way:

Long Beach Marathon Route Services

Overall, the Long Beach Marathon route is designed to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants. With a variety of services and amenities available along the way, runners can focus on achieving their personal best without having to worry about logistical concerns.

Spectator Locations

If you’re planning to watch the Long Beach Marathon, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of great spots to catch the action. Whether you’re looking to cheer on a specific runner or just want to soak up the excitement of the event, there are plenty of locations along the course that offer fantastic views.

Here are some of the best spectator locations to consider:

Long Beach Marathon Route Spectator Spots

Check Out 9 Post-Marathon Activities

Long Beach Marathon Route Women Beach Running
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After completing the Long Beach Marathon (interested in how many steps in a marathon?), there are plenty of activities to enjoy in the area. Whether you’re looking to relax and recover or continue the festivities, Long Beach has something for everyone.

  1. Triumphant Finish 🏅
  2. Shop & Cheer 🛍️
  3. Coastal Charm 🏖️
  4. Waterside Wonders 🚤
  5. Feast & Cheers 🍽️
  6. Cheers to Victory 🍻
  7. Rejuvenate & Recover 🧘‍♀️
  8. Lively Atmosphere 🎶
  9. Explore Long Beach🚶

1. Triumphant Finish: Celebration at the Finish Line 🏅

Revisiting the finish line after completing the marathon is incredibly emotional. It’s a place filled with cheers, tears, and a profound sense of accomplishment. As a fellow runner, you’ll share in the joy of those crossing the finish line, knowing the incredible journey they’ve just completed.

2. Shop & Cheer: The Pike Outlets Extravaganza 🛍️

After completing the marathon, The Pike Outlets transform into a hub of celebration. It’s the perfect spot to revel in your accomplishment, watch others finish, and explore the shops. The vibrant atmosphere, combined with the post-run high, creates a unique and joyful experience.

3. Coastal Charm: Belmont Shore Boardwalk Bliss 🏖️

As a marathon finisher, Belmont Shore’s boardwalk takes on a special charm. Watching runners pass by, you can appreciate the coastal beauty and feel the sense of achievement that comes with completing the race. The nearby restaurants and shops are a great place to relax and reflect on your journey.

4. Waterside Wonders: Shoreline Village Views 🚤

Post-marathon, Shoreline Village becomes a haven for both runners and spectators. From the waterfront, you’ll appreciate the picturesque views and the merging of the sense of accomplishment with the beauty of the surroundings.

5. Feast & Cheers: Post-Marathon Dining Delights 🍽️

After conquering the marathon, Long Beach’s diverse dining scene becomes a celebration of your achievement. Indulge in post-race meals, savoring the flavors of victory at places like The Attic on Broadway or enjoying a well-deserved drink at Beachwood BBQ & Brewing.

6. Cheers to Victory: Local Breweries and Bars Bash 🍻

Local breweries and bars take on a special significance post-marathon. Having experienced the physical and emotional highs of the race, places like Belmont Brewing Company and Ballast Point become a backdrop for shared stories, laughter, and toasting to the triumph of completing the marathon.

7. Rejuvenate & Recover: Wellness Haven in Long Beach 🧘‍♀️

Long Beach Marathon Route Yoga
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Having pushed your limits during the marathon, the wellness havens in Long Beach hold newfound appeal. The Spa at the Hotel Maya and similar places offer a welcome retreat for recovery, where you can indulge in massages, facials, and yoga classes to soothe your post-race body and mind.

8. Lively Atmosphere: Happy Hour & Live Music Delights 🎶

The lively atmosphere at local breweries and bars post-marathon is a welcome continuation of the celebratory spirit. As a fellow runner, you’ll appreciate the camaraderie, happy hour specials, and live music that contribute to the vibrant post-race ambiance.

9. Explore Long Beach: Beach Strolls and Attraction Adventures 🚶

Having completed the marathon, Long Beach becomes an open canvas for exploration. Take leisurely beach strolls and visit attractions like the Aquarium of the Pacific and the Queen Mary. It’s a perfect way to unwind and reflect on the incredible journey you’ve just undertaken.

Our Summary to the Long Beach Marathon Route

The Long Beach Marathon route offers a spectacular blend of scenic beauty and vibrant city life, making it a must-attend event for both participants and spectators.

From the thrilling start line, where the excitement is palpable, to key spectator locations like The Pike Outlets and Belmont Shore along the coast, every mile promises a unique viewing experience.

With waterfront views at Shoreline Village and the electric atmosphere at the finish line, this marathon is a celebration of endurance and community spirit. Whether you’re cheering for friends, enjoying shopping spots, or relishing the finish line festivities, the Long Beach Marathon route guarantees an unforgettable event for everyone involved.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the Long Beach Marathon route:

What is the Long Beach Marathon Route?

The Long Beach Marathon route starts in downtown Long Beach and takes runners through Shoreline Village, the historic Queen Mary, and the Aquarium of the Pacific. The course is fast and flat, making it a great choice for runners looking to set a personal record.

Will there be any road closures during the marathon?

Yes, there will be road closures during the Long Beach Marathon. It’s important to plan ahead and allow extra time for travel due to road closures and traffic delays. You can find more information about road closures and community access on the Community Relations page of the Long Beach Marathon website.

Is the Long Beach Marathon route accessible for spectators?

Yes, the Long Beach Marathon route is accessible for spectators. Spectators can watch the race from various locations along the course, including Shoreline Village, the Queen Mary, and the Aquarium of the Pacific.

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