New York Half Marathon 2024: “Big Apple Race” in 10 Points!

The New York half marathon is an annual highlight for running enthusiasts. Covering 13.1 miles through iconic city landmarks, it offers a unique way to experience the dynamic neighborhoods of New York. Whether running for personal achievement, charity, or pure enjoyment, this event embodies the resilience and camaraderie of the running community.

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1. Overview of the New York Half Marathon

The New York Half Marathon, an annual event managed by New York Road Runners, is one of the premier 13.1-mile races that cuts through the heart of New York City.

🏃 History and Significance

We cherish the New York City Half Marathon for its rich history and significant impact on the running community. Initiated in 2006, NYRR has been at the forefront of delivering an exceptional racing experience. This event is synonymous with the city’s energy, attracting runners from across the globe.

In partnership with United Airlines, the NYC Half showcases iconic landmarks and diverse neighborhoods, culminating in the exhilarating finish at Central Park. The race not only fosters community spirit but also supports charitable causes, making it a highlight of the running calendar in New York City.

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If you ever have the chance to take part in the New York Half Marathon, don’t think twice and take advantage of the chance. Afterwards you can have a wonderful stay in New York.

2. The Race Experience

New York half marathon Group of runners crosses a bridge
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From the iconic streets of Manhattan to the sprawling oasis of Central Park, the New York Half Marathon isn’t just a race—it’s a dynamic tour of the Big Apple.

🏁 Course Overview

We’ll start our journey in picturesque Prospect Park before making our way over the Manhattan Bridge, offering sweeping views of the city. As we traverse Manhattan, must-see landmarks like Times Square and Central Park await us. It’s more than a run—it’s a rolling celebration of New York City.

🕗 Starting Times and Waves

  • Wave 1: 7:20 AM
  • Wave 2: 7:50 AM
  • Wave 3: 8:20 AM
  • Wave 4: 8:50 AM
  • Wave 5: 9:20 AM

Our race begins bright and early, segmented into five waves to ensure a smooth start for everyone. Each wave will launch at 30-minute intervals, so be sure to check the schedule and know your wave to avoid missing the starting gun.

👀 Spectator Information

Nothing beats the energy of a cheering crowd. Whether it’s your first time watching or you’re a seasoned sideline supporter, prime viewing spots can be found at Central Park and around Times Square. Be ready to watch, cheer, and be part of our collective running adventure!

3. Preparation for the Race

New York half marathon a street full of runners doing their run
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Before we toe the line at the New York Half Marathon, it’s crucial that we’ve got every aspect covered, from hitting our stride in training to knowing exactly what to bring on race day.

🏃‍♂️ Training Tips

For optimal preparation, it’s a good idea to start training well in advance. Incorporating different types of runs – long runs, intervals, and easy days – helps build endurance and speed.

Tip: Stick to the pace that aligns with our goal time per mile during training to ensure we’re ready for race day.

📝 Registration Details

Signing up for the New York Half Marathon requires us to be on top of the registration process as slots often fill up quickly. Here’s what we need to know:

  • Guaranteed entry: NYRR members may have guaranteed entry options available.
  • Non-guaranteed entry: There is a drawing for non-guaranteed entry spots. It’s important to sign up within the open registration period, from October 17 to November 15, 2023.
  • Bib number: Once registered, we will be assigned a bib number, which we will receive before race day.

🎒 What to Bring on Race Day

Preparing our race day kit ensures we don’t forget anything.

We should pack:

  • Clear plastic bag: This is provided by race organizers for our belongings.
  • Essentials:
    • Race confirmation form
    • Photo ID
    • Running gear and bib number

4. Accessibility and Community Support

New York half marathon woman is happy during her run and waves at the camera
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In the New York half marathon, we not only celebrate athleticism but also embody a spirit of inclusivity and charity.

🌟 Charity and Fundraiser Participation

Charities play a big role in the New York half marathon. By securing charity spots, runners can support causes close to their hearts. Team for Kids is a prominent group that not only encourages running among the youth but also garners extensive support through these charity entries.

Here’s how one can join:

  • Choose a charity and secure a spot.
  • Receive a fundraising page and resources.
  • Get benefits like training tips and a Team ALS performance shirt as seen with Team ALS.

🙌 Volunteering Opportunities

The event wouldn’t be possible without the incredible volunteers. They’re the backbone of the community support, providing assistance throughout the race. Whether it’s handing out water, cheering runners on, or helping at the finish line, there’s a place for everyone who wants to help.

The volunteering roles include:

  1. Race setup and check-in
  2. On-course support
  3. Post-race activities

✨ Accessibility Services

Every runner deserves the chance to participate, which is why they offer extensive accessibility services. For athletes with disabilities, including those intending to use a handcycle or wheelchair division, they provide:

  • An entry drawing for a chance to get a race spot, as detailed by New York Road Runners.
  • The option to use a Freewheel™ attachment for a more versatile racing experience.

5. Results and Recognition

New York half marathon A woman who has just won her race and is proudly posing with the American flag
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We’re excited to dive into the standout performances and accolades from the New York Half Marathon. The focus will be on acknowledging the exceptional finish times, course records, as well as the prize money and awards that highlight the athletes’ hard-earned achievements.

🏃 Finish Times and Records

The New York Half Marathon is known for its fast course and competitive field. In recent years, runners have continued to push the limits and set remarkable times. 

Jacob Kiplimo, for instance, impressed spectators with his winning time, marking him as one of the many professional athletes to watch. The women’s division has seen remarkable athletes as well, such as Molly Huddle and Senbere Teferi, who have both previously set notable times.

YearAthleteFinish Time
2022Jacob Kiplimo1:00:29
2021Senbere Teferi1:07:35
Table about finish times on the New York Half Marathon

🏅 Prize Money and Awards

The Prize Money at the New York Half Marathon is always a hot topic, rewarding the swiftest and most resilient among the runners.

PlacePrize Money
Table about prize money on the New York Half Marathon

Every finisher receives a medal as a sign of their accomplishment. For many runners, the recognition and the personal records set are as valuable as the monetary awards.

6. Post-Race Events and Activities

After crossing the finish line, we’re all about celebrating our achievements together. The fun doesn’t end with the race; in fact, exciting post-race events and activities await to make the experience even more memorable.

🎉 Event Gatherings and Celebrations

Our time to shine extends beyond the race itself. The New York Half Marathon is known for its vibrant post-race atmosphere. After the physical demands of the marathon, it’s time to let loose and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

  • Times Square Kids Run: For families participating in the day, the excitement continues with the Times Square Kids Run. It’s not just a run; it’s a festive event that brings joy and a sense of accomplishment to our young runners.
  • Center415: Post-race, Center415 emerges as a central hub of revelry. Located in the heart of Manhattan, it offers a spacious venue for runners and spectators to come together, share stories, and bask in the glory of their achievements.

7. Future Races and Membership

In this section, we’ll explore the races that are coming up on the NYRR calendar and how becoming a member can enhance your running experience.

🏃 NYRR Race Calendar

  • Fred Lebow Half Marathon: This event pays homage to the co-founder of the New York City Marathon.
  • NYRR Staten Island Half: A popular race that’s a part of the Five-Borough Series.
  • RBC Brooklyn Half: Known as one of the country’s most popular half marathons, it often sells out quickly.
  • New Balance Bronx 10 Mile: This race offers a course through the vibrant neighborhoods of the Bronx.
  • TCS New York City Marathon: The premier event of NYRR, it’s the world’s largest marathon.
  • NYRR Manhattan 10K: A shorter race that still provides the thrill of a competitive event.

Runners aiming to conquer multiple events might be interested in the 4 out of 6 Program, which offers guaranteed entry to the TCS New York City Marathon.

🤝 Membership Benefits

By joining NYRR, you become part of a community dedicated to supporting and inspiring runners.

Here are some benefits:

  • Discounted Race Entry: Get reduced rates for races including the RBC Brooklyn Half and others.
  • Guaranteed Entry: Members have opportunities for guaranteed entry into certain races like the TCS New York City Marathon.
  • Local Community Events: Access to group training runs, community events, and volunteer opportunities.
“There are clubs you can’t belong to, neighbors you can’t live in, schools you can’t get into, but the roads are always open.”

8. Virtual Race Options

New York half marathon woman running her race in the rain
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We know how exciting it is to participate in the iconic New York half marathons, even if you can’t be there in person. That’s why we’re thrilled to talk about virtual race options that let us join in no matter where we are.

🏃 How to Participate Virtually

Participating in the Virtual United Airlines NYC Half is a fantastic way to be a part of the race experience from wherever you are. You can run anytime between March 11 and March 19, as per the latest event guidelines.

Here’s what you need to know to join virtually:

  • Register: Secure your spot through the official site.
  • Run: Find a route that suits you, whether it’s a local park or your neighborhood streets.
  • Track: Use a GPS-enabled device to log your run.
  • Report: Submit your time through the appropriate channels.

By completing the race virtually, you’ll earn the pride of having participated alongside thousands of others, plus the coveted Virtual United Airlines NYC Half medal. But remember, treadmill runs or manual uploads are not accepted for this event – your race needs a real-world route!

9. Additional Information

When we’re preparing to participate in the New York Half Marathon, it’s important to consider how we’ll navigate the city on race day and where we’ll stay.

🚊 Transportation and Road Closures

Getting around New York City during the marathon weekend requires some planning. We can expect road closures, especially along the FDR Drive and in parts of Midtown. The NYC Metro Area is well-serviced by public transportation, so checking is our best bet for real-time transit updates and to plan our route.

Remember, Grand Central serves as a hub for many subway and bus lines, making it a convenient point for accessing the race areas.

🏨 Accommodation and Travel Tips

Booking our stay near the race’s start or end point can save us time and stress. Options in Brooklyn near the start line, or in Manhattan, especially around Midtown, are ideal. It’s wise to make reservations well in advance, as hotels fill up quickly for race events. For international travelers, ensure your passport is current and consider travel insurance for that peace of mind.

10. Our Opinion on the New York Half Marathon

The New York Half Marathon offers an exhilarating experience for us as runners. Running through the streets of New York with the United Airlines NYC Half particularly stands out for its scenic yet challenging route, making it a favorite in our racing calendar.

  • Scenery: Beginning in Brooklyn, the race takes us over the iconic Manhattan Bridge and along the FDR Drive, providing sweeping views of the city that is quite unlike regular running routes.
  • Support: New Yorkers are known for their enthusiasm, and their cheers along the course give us an extra boost just when we need it.
  • Organization: The event, organized by New York Road Runners, is marked by excellent logistics and support, from water stations to clearly marked mile indicators.
  • Charity: We also admire how the marathon aligns with charity organizations, providing us the opportunity to run for a cause that’s close to our hearts.
  • Entry: Getting a spot can be competitive, but options like guaranteed entry for completing certain races or running for charity widen the opportunities for participation.

Joining the New York Half Marathon feels truly special to us.


What is the time limit for the New York Half Marathon?

The time limit for the New York Half Marathon is 3 hours. 

Can I transfer my registration to another runner?

No, registration is non-transferable. 

Are headphones allowed during the race?

Yes, participants are allowed to use headphones, but it is recommended to keep the volume low for safety.

What is your option on our New York half marathon? I would love to hear it in the comments. I’m sure you also like reading about our 10 week half marathon training or about how much is a half marathon.

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