5 Best Compression Shorts for Running 2024 You’ve Waited!

I’m thrilled to share my picks for the best compression shorts for running! These options promise comfort, support, and performance enhancement. Whether you’re hitting the pavement or the trails, these shorts will keep up with your pace. Ready, set, go! Let’s dive into the list!

Best Compression Shorts for Running!

1. Men´s 3-Pack Compression Shorts

200+ bought in past month
Men´s 3-Pack Compression Shorts


  • ✅ Excellent support and comfort
  • ✅ Convenient pockets for essentials
  • ✅ Durability through wash cycles


  • ❌ Compression might be mild for some
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05/17/2024 11:59 pm GMT

Slipping into the Compression Shorts, their snug fit was immediately noticeable, giving me the reassuring support I needed during my morning jog. The fabric felt light and breathable.

The pockets were a game-changer for me; I could carry my keys and phone securely without them bouncing around, which is a common annoyance with other shorts.

After several intense runs and washes, these shorts have held up impressively. The fabric’s resilience means I don’t have to worry about them wearing out anytime soon, and they’ve maintained their shape, ensuring a consistent fit every time.

Despite these benefits, they did feel a bit more like thick underwear than other compression shorts I’ve tried, which might not meet everyone’s expectations for muscle compression.

2. UA Men´s HeatGear Compression Shorts

300+ bought in past month
UA Men´s HeatGear Compression Shorts


  • ✅ Exceptional sweat-wicking capability
  • ✅ Mesh panels enhance breathability
  • ✅ Convenient storage with built-in pocket


  • ❌ Limited color options may not suit all preferences
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/18/2024 12:11 am GMT

I recently took these shorts out for a long run and the comfort level truly stood out. The material is impressively lightweight and doesn’t hold back my movements at all, allowing me to focus purely on my pace and breathing. Despite a demanding trail and rising temperatures, I stayed notably dry thanks to the superior moisture-wicking fabric. The strategically placed mesh panels played a big role in keeping me ventilated.

The durability of these shorts was clear from the get-go. They show no sign of wear even after multiple washes, which isn’t something I can say about all running gear. The ergonomic design is a serious plus, keeping any seam-chafing at bay, even on longer runs. The wide elastic waistband provided a secure, snug fit without digging into my skin.

A standout feature is the Strength Pocket™ on the side. It’s large enough to store essentials securely, allowing me to run hands-free without worrying about losing my keys. My wardrobe doesn’t mind, some might find the limited color range a bit restrictive. And even though the price reflects the quality, it may stretch the budget more than other options.

3. Men´s 5 Pack Compression Shorts

700+ bought in past month
Men´s 5 Pack Compression Shorts


  • ✅ Exceptional comfort during long runs
  • ✅ No rolling waistband and smooth seams
  • ✅ Great value with a pack of five


  • ❌ Limited color selection in the pack
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05/18/2024 12:42 am GMT

After slipping into the Compression Shorts for my morning run, I was impressed by how they felt like a second skin. The blend of polyester and spandex provided ample stretch without restricting movement, and I appreciated the support around my thighs and glutes.

Mid-run, I often adjust lesser shorts, but these stayed put. The waistband remained flush against my skin, without the annoying roll-down I’ve experienced with other brands. After multiple wash cycles, they’ve maintained their shape and compression capabilities, a testament to their durability.

For those skeptical about trying new gear, these shorts deliver on their promise of performance. With a 4.6 rating from over 7000 users, I’m not alone in my praise. Although they might lack standout features, for the price, adding these Compression Shorts to your rotation is a no-brainer.

4. Niksa Men´s 5 Pack Compression Shorts

400+ bought in past month
Niksa Men´s 5 Pack Compression Shorts


  • ✅ Exceptional fit and support
  • ✅ Useful integrated pockets
  • ✅ Durable, quality material


  • ❌ Hand wash only which may be inconvenient
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05/18/2024 12:11 am GMT

Slipping into these Niksa compression shorts just transformed my morning run. The snug fit felt tailored to my body, without being restrictive, allowing me to focus on my stride and breathing rather than adjusting my gear. The polyester and spandex blend moved fluidly with every step, providing the perfect balance between compression and flexibility.

Having pockets on compression shorts is a game-changer; I stored my keys and phone without them bouncing around, which is a problem I’ve faced with other brands. Functional and hidden, these pockets blend seamlessly into the design, proving the folks at Niksa really did think of everything.

The durability is noticeable too. I’ve taken these through numerous cycles of intense workouts and they’ve held up incredibly well – no threads coming loose, no elastic giving way. A slight downside is the thin material. It’s excellent for staying cool, but during chiller weather, it might not provide enough warmth. Also, the hand-wash-only care instruction can be a bit of a hassle for those used to tossing everything in the washing machine.

5. BALEAF Women´s High Waist Running Shorts

Amazon's Choice
BALEAF Women´s High Waist Running Shorts


  • ✅ Comfortably hugs the body for secure fit
  • ✅ Deep pockets that actually hold things
  • ✅ Durable fabric that endures multiple washes


  • ❌ Lighter colors could potentially show sweat marks
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05/18/2024 12:58 am GMT

After slipping on the BALEAF High Waist Biker Shorts for her morning run, my wife was immediately struck by how comfortable they felt. Their high-waist design provided ample support, and the fabric felt both soft against her skin and stretchy enough to move with her without any constriction. She could really push her pace without any discomfort, which was a big win.

She usually has a tough time finding shorts with pockets that are actually functional, but these shorts had deep pockets on both sides. Her phone stayed put throughout her run, which was a game-changer. Plus, a sneaky little key pocket turned out to be a perfect hideaway for her house key. The convenience of having everything she needed on her without the bulk was impressive.

Always a skeptic about wear and tear, she’s washed these shorts several times now and they’ve held up brilliantly—the material didn’t thin or lose its shape. Although she adores how practical they are for running and cycling, she’s noticed the seam can feel snug around her thighs. Not a deal-breaker, but worth noting for those with a curvier figure like hers.

Buying Guide

🏃‍♂️ Material and Comfort

I always check the material first because it determines how comfortable the best compression shorts for running will be. Look for breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics such as nylon or polyester blends. This ensures they keep you dry and comfortable during your runs. Stretchability is also vital for a full range of motion.

BreathableKeeps you cool and dry
Moisture-wickingRemoves sweat from skin
StretchableAllows for freedom of movement
Table about material feature of the best compression shorts for running

🌞 Length and Fit

The. best compression shorts for running come in various lengths. I prefer mid-length for a balance between thigh coverage and freedom. For a perfect fit, shorts should be snug but not too tight. Consider adjustable waistbands for a custom fit.

ShortMaximizes mobility
Mid-lengthBalances coverage and comfort
LongIncreases protection and warmth
Table about the length of the best compression shorts for running

🛡️ Support and Compression

Compression can be beneficial for muscle support and recovery. I look for a level of compression that’s supportive without being restrictive. Flatlock seams are a bonus to prevent chafing, enhancing the experience.

LightGentle support
MediumBalanced support and comfort
HighEnhanced muscle stability
Table about the compression of the best compression shorts for running
  • Tip: Choose the best compression shorts for running with a level that matches your comfort and support needs.

🌬️ Additional Features

Lastly, I check for extras like reflective elements for visibility and small pockets to carry essentials. Mesh panels for added ventilation can be a game-changer on warmer days too.

  • Reflective elements: Stay visible during low-light runs.
  • Pockets: Convenient for carrying keys or a small music player.
  • Mesh panels: Extra ventilation where you need it most.


Are compression shorts good for running?

Yes, compression shorts can improve muscle support and reduce muscle fatigue during running. 

What is the best material for compression shorts?

Look for compression shorts made of moisture-wicking, breathable fabric like spandex or nylon for optimal comfort and performance. 

How should compression shorts fit for running? 

Compression shorts should fit snugly but not restrict movement, providing support without causing discomfort during running.

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