5 Best Vital Fitness Watch (#2 Top-Notch Support)! 2024

I’m absolutely thrilled to share with you my favorite vital fitness watches that have become my trusty companions on my jogs! Each of these gems is packed with features to track your activity, monitor your health, and even keep you connected on the go. I’ve scoured through countless options and tested them to ensure they meet our high standards for functionality, comfort, and style.

My Top Picks for Vital Fitness Watches!

1. Vital Smart Watch and Fitness Tracker

200+ bought in past month
Vital Smart Watch and Fitness Tracker


  • ✅ It's quite lightweight
  • ✅ Integrated USB plug makes charging straightforward
  • ✅ Detailed snapshot of health and activity levels


  • ❌ Disappointing readability
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On my latest run, I gave the Vital Fitness Expert a trial. Aiming to keep it light, the watch felt like featherweight equipment on my wrist, not adding any bulk to my jog. I often get caught up in my routine, and thankfully, the lack of cables with its clever USB plug meant one less thing to deal with—plug and go simplicity I appreciate in my gear.

However, I was left wanting as I squinted at the display trying to read my progress mid-stride—this is where the watch didn’t quite live up to expectations. Given the screen size and font used, it’s not ideally suited for those quick, on-the-fly stats checks you’d want during an active jog.

Navigating the associated app was yet another exercise—this time in patience. Even as someone who’s quite tech-savvy, it took me longer than I’d like to admit to get it all set up.

2. Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

2K+ bought in past month
Smart Watch Fitness Tracker


  • ✅ Comprehensive activity tracking with over 100 sports modes
  • ✅ Extended battery life and quick magnetic charging
  • ✅ Water-resistant


  • ❌ Step counter can sometimes lack accuracy
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/14/2024 10:56 am GMT

Today’s run was different. Strapping on the Mindrose Fitness Tracker instantly made me feel more in control of my jog. The 1.47″ HD-color touchscreen caught the sunlight beautifully, and glancing at my stats became effortless.

I was impressed by the battery life; it’s frustrating when you gear up for a run only to find your watch dead. But with the Mindrose, a single charge powered my week’s workouts. No hassle of daily charging. And thanks to its IPX8 water resistance, I could keep it on during the rain or when I hydrated overzealously.

What I didn’t expect was to be somewhat let down by the step counter. During my warm-up and cool-down walks, it seemed to be a bit off. But when I picked up the pace, its readings improved. The smartphone notifications kept me connected without the urge to look at my phone. Although, I did find navigating the accompanying app to be pretty standard, nothing too flashy.

3. Slim Fitness Tracker with Blood Oxygen

1K+ bought in past month
Slim Fitness Tracker with Blood Oxygen


  • ✅ Comfortable on the wrist
  • ✅ Sleep tracking
  • ✅ Notifications and reminders


  • ❌ Blood pressure readings may not replace a medical device
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07/14/2024 10:41 am GMT

Ever since I strapped the FITVII Fitness Companion on my wrist, it’s been a game-changer for my morning jogs. The comfort is top-notch. I could barely feel it there, which let me focus on my pace and breathing. I’ve experimented with different styles, and it always gets me compliments on how it doubles up as a cool accessory.

Getting insights into my sleep was fascinating. The tracker showed me the quality of my sleep, and over time, I adjusted my habits for better rest. This feature alone kept me wearing it every night.

While running errands, the smart notifications were incredibly useful. I didn’t miss important calls and messages and found the hydration reminder nudged me to drink water regularly, keeping me hydrated which is often overlooked.

At first, I noticed the step counting wasn’t always spot-on, especially on uneven terrains. It’s decent for a rough estimate, but precision isn’t its strongest suit. As for blood pressure, it’s convenient for quick checks, but I wouldn’t toss out my normal blood pressure cuff just yet.

4. Fitness Tracker with 24/7 Heart Rate

1K+ bought in past month
Fitness Tracker with 24/7 Heart Rate


  • ✅ Heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring.
  • ✅ Alerts when heart rate peaks.
  • ✅ Message notifications and music control.


  • ❌ Not a substitute for medical devices as blood pressure readings are not clinically validated.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/14/2024 10:27 am GMT

Just laced up my sneakers and slipped on my Fitness Tracker; it’s like having a personal coach on my wrist! Jogging through the morning mist, I could feel the buzz on my wrist nudging me whenever my heart rate spiked – a brilliant feature for keeping me in my optimal zone. It’s not just about the run; this watch is like a snapshot of my day, capturing every step and calorie burned.

Balancing work and workouts can be tough, but not with this tracker. Quick glances at my wrist keep me updated on texts and calls, so I’m never out of the loop. Even during those intense sprints, the subtle vibrations alert me without breaking my stride, and switching tracks on my playlist is effortlessly seamless.

After my run, it’s time to wind down, and that’s when the FITVII really impresses. Slipping into bed, it silently monitors my sleep, helping me understand my patterns better. Sure, it’s not a medical-grade device, but seeing my sleep and activity data gives me valuable insights to tweak my routine for better health.

5. Fitness Tracker for Men & Women

For Android Phones
Fitness Tracker for Men & Women


  • ✅ Comprehensive health monitoring
  • ✅ Notification alerts
  • ✅ Customizable watch face


  • ❌ The necessity of the companion app for full functionality
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Imagine having a mini doctor on your wrist that keeps an eye on your vitals. With this tracker, I get to monitor my heart rhythm, blood pressure, even the oxygen saturation, which is pretty reassuring when I’m pushing my limits. Even on my busiest days, the little buzz on my wrist makes sure I never miss an important call or an urgent message.

The customization is a game-changer. Tailoring the watch face with a snapshot from last weekend’s hike truly made my watch feel ‘mine.’ There’s a bit of a learning curve, though. Pairing and syncing with the app took a bit of effort, and pondering over privacy settings wasn’t exactly my idea of fun. But once everything set up, it blended perfectly into my daily routine.

I find the hydration reminders delightfully handy, nudging me to take sips of water between laps. However, some features took a while to figure out, due to the complex arrangement of options in the app. The occasional wrestle with settings can be a tad irritating.

Buying Guide

When I’m looking for a vital fitness watch to accompany my jogging sessions, there are several key features I focus on to ensure I get the very best out of my routine.

🏃‍♂️ Comfort and Fit

Firstly, my vital fitness watch should be comfortable to wear. I check for adjustable bands and hypoallergenic materials. Comfort is non-negotiable, as I’ll be wearing it during vigorous activity.

🌟 Display and Readability

It’s essential that I can read my stats easily, so I look for clear displays with good backlighting. This makes it easier to check my progress at a glance, even under bright sunlight or in low-light conditions.

🔋 Battery Life

Since I don’t want to charge my device after every run, I prioritize long battery life. Ideally, the watch should last several days on a single charge, even with GPS active.

FeatureWhat to Look For
ComfortAdjustable band, material
DisplaySunlight-visible, backlighting
Battery LifeMulti-day endurance
Table about feature for vital fitness watch

🛰️ GPS Accuracy

A precise GPS is my priority as well. It should provide accurate distance and speed tracking. I ensure the watch has a robust GPS function that doesn’t drop signal.

🏋️‍♀️ Health Monitoring

Monitoring my heart rate, steps, and calories burned helps me track my fitness level. I look for a watch with reliable sensors for accurate data.

💧 Water Resistance

I check for water-resistant watches, especially if I’m jogging in different weather conditions or if I’m sweating.

Health StatSensor Accuracy
Heart RateReliable monitoring
StepsPrecise counting
Calories BurnedAccurate calculation
Table about health stat on vital fitness watch

📲 Connectivity and App Ecosystem

The ability to sync data with my smartphone and access a comprehensive app ecosystem is something I consider important for tracking progress and setting goals.

Melding My DataSeamless smartphone sync
App EcosystemExtensive and user-friendly
Table about connectivity on vital fitness watch

When choosing a vital fitness watch for jogging, I ensure it excels in these key areas to deliver a robust and enjoyable running experience.


How do I charge my Vital fitness watch?

To charge your Vital fitness watch, simply connect the provided charging cable to the watch and a power 

Can I swim with my Vital fitness watch?

Yes, the Vital fitness watch is water-resistant and suitable for swimming and other water activities. 

How do I sync my Vital fitness watch with my phone?

You can sync your Vital fitness watch with your phone by downloading the companion app and following the setup instructions.

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