5 Top Nike Running Shoes Amazon for Best Performance! 2024

I’ve just laced up and sprinted through the vast collection of Nike running shoes Amazon to bring you the cream of the crop! Each pair is designed to boost your running experience, combining comfort, style, and the latest Nike tech. Whether you’re hitting the street or the treadmill, these top picks will help you to reach your personal best in no time!

Best Nike Running Shoes Amazon

1. Revolution 5 Men´s Runners

300+ bought in past month
Revolution 5 Men´s Runners


  • ✅ Exceptional comfort right out of the box
  • ✅ The breathability is spot on
  • ✅ Durability that impresses


  • ❌ On slick surfaces, the traction could be better.
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05/19/2024 09:49 am GMT

From the moment I slipped my feet into these Nike men’s Revolution 5 Running shoes, I noticed the snug, supportive fit. The foam sole didn’t disappoint, cushioning my strides and making my morning jog feel more like a springy rebound with each step. The minimalist design is versatile, easily transitioning from my run to running errands.

I’ve been really pleased with the way this pair breathes. Even as I up my mileage, my feet aren’t bathed in sweat, which makes these shoes feel fresh even at the end of the day. And they’re proving to be robust – handling pavement, treadmill, and the occasional patch of grass without the usual rapid wear and tear.

A slight downside I’ve noticed is the look; they’re not exactly head-turners. This isn’t an issue for me personally, as I prefer function over flash, but if style is high on your list, you might find these a tad on the plain side.

2. Nike Men´s Free Run 2018

200+ bought in past month
Nike Men´s Free Run 2018


  • ✅ The comfort level is off the charts
  • ✅ Surprisingly stylish
  • ✅ Super lightweight construction


  • ❌ While not a dealbreaker for me, the lack of water resistance could deter some.
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05/19/2024 08:41 am GMT

The circular-knit upper flexes with each stride, which felt liberating as I clocked in a few miles on the track. The natural movement and breathability are exactly what I look for in running shoes.

Yesterday, I paired them with jeans for a casual lunch with friends. Countless runners are either too sporty or lean heavily into trends, but these struck a perfect balance. They looked sleek and maintained the comfort I enjoyed during my morning run.

I did encounter a hiccup when ordering. My usual size felt a tad snug, but swapping for a larger size at no extra charge was a breeze.

3. Pegasus 38 Men´s Runners

50+ bought in past month
Pegasus 38 Men´s Runners


  • ✅ Supreme comfort
  • ✅ Stylish design
  • ✅ Satisfying foot support


  • ❌ They can run a bit tight, consider sizing up a half size
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05/19/2024 10:11 am GMT

I laced up the Pegasus 38 Runners this morning, and the experience was sensational. The React foam midsole cradled my feet in lightweight comfort, propelling me forward with each springy step. Running through the park, the extra cushioning from the beefed-up Air Zoom unit was palpable, creating a buoyant stride that made my miles feel effortless.

Transitioning from the jogging path to the streets, these shoes effortlessly kept up. The mesh fabric breathed well, keeping my feet cool as I dashed about, and the durability was apparent – not a scuff in sight after a solid run and some errands.

Putting these runners to the test on a daily basis has revealed their true colors. They cater to varied activities, making them versatile staples for any footwear arsenal. While I’ve noticed some slight tightness initially, once broken in, they fit like a dream. My advice? Snag a half size up, and you’re golden. For those on their feet all day or the casual runner, these kicks are a solid choice.

4. Nike Women´s Revolution 6 Next Nature

100+ bought in past month
Nike Women´s Revolution 6 Next Nature


  • ✅ Comfortable upper design
  • ✅ Supportive foam midsole
  • ✅ Eco-conscious construction


  • ❌ Fit may be snug for some
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05/19/2024 10:30 am GMT

Slipping into the Nike Revolution 6, my wife immediately felt the comfort of the soft upper hugging her foot. The first few strides confirmed that they strike a pleasant balance between support and cushioning, thanks to the foam midsole—a boon during those longer jaunts.

What stood out to her during a brisk walk was the lightweight feel. These shoes didn’t weigh her down, and the flexibility they offered was impressive. Maintaining a quick pace felt natural rather than a struggle.

While wearing these Nike runners, the consideration to sustainability didn’t go unnoticed. Knowing that they’re composed of at least 20% recycled content made her feel like she’s contributing to environmental stewardship with every step.

However, her usual size felt tight, particularly around the toes, suggesting a half-size up might have been a better choice.

5. Air Zoom Men´s Pegasus 38

Running Companion
Air Zoom Men´s Pegasus 38


  • ✅ Impressively comfortable for long runs
  • ✅ Sleek design that stands out
  • ✅ Durable construction that feels premium


  • ❌ Slightly heavier than some rivals
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05/19/2024 10:11 am GMT

The mesh outer material of these shoes envelopes my feet snugly, providing a ventilation that keeps them cool, even on longer jogs. I find the bounce in every step reassuringly springy, thanks to the responsive cushioning that has become a hallmark of this line.

The rubber sole’s grip is another highlight, instilling confidence on a variety of surfaces. Transitioning from concrete paths to park trails, I am impressed with the Pegasus 38’s versatility. The machine-washable aspect is a convenient bonus, allowing me to refresh the shoes after a particularly gritty run easily.

I’ve taken these shoes from running to casual outings, and they seamlessly fit both scenes. They exude a well-crafted vibe that makes the investment seem worthwhile. However, those with wider feet might want to try before they buy, as the fit is on the snugger side, which could be a drawback for some.

Buying Guide

🏃‍♂️ Understanding Your Needs

When I’m in the market for nike running shoes amazon, the first thing I consider is my running style and the type of terrain I’ll be tackling. Am I hitting the pavement or am I trail running? This dictates the tread and cushioning I’ll need.

📏 Sizing and Fit

Next up, finding the right size is crucial. Ill-fitting shoes can lead to discomfort and even injury. I make sure to look at the sizing chart provided and read customer reviews to see if the shoe runs true to size or if I need to size up or down.

Performance Features to Consider:

CushioningKey for shock absorption, look for descriptions like “soft” or “firm” to match personal preference.
SupportImportant for stability; those who pronate might look for terms like “arch support” or “stability”.
BreathabilityEssential for comfort, especially in warmer climates. Mesh panels are usually a good sign.
WeightLighter shoes can improve my speed and agility; however, they might offer less support.
DurabilityI seek out materials and build quality that suggest the shoe will last many miles.
Table about performance featur to consider for nike running shoes amazon

🧵 Material Quality

Often overlooked, but I always check the materials used in construction. Breathable, lightweight materials are a must for me, as they ensure comfort and proper airflow.

🤑 Price vs. Quality

Finally, I weigh the cost against the features. It’s tempting to go for a cheaper option, but investing in a quality pair of running shoes is more cost-efficient in the long run, as I won’t have to replace them as often.

By considering these aspects, I can confidently select the best nike running shoes amazon that meets my needs without relying on specific brands or exaggerations.


Are Nike running shoes true to size?

Yes, Nike running shoes generally run true to size, but it’s recommended to check the specific sizing guide 
for each model. 

How do I clean Nike running shoes?

Use a mild detergent, water, and a soft brush to gently clean the shoes. Avoid putting them in the washing machine or dryer. 

Can I return Nike running shoes Amazon? 

Yes, Nike running shoes Amazon can be returned within the specified return window for a full refund.

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